My Name is Leeandro Noray 

I'm the Founder and Lead Photographer at Leetech.
I'm from Tobago, the smaller of a twin-island nation (Trinidad & Tobago) situated at the most southern end of the Caribbean. I consider it a privilege been afforded the opportunity to Photograph some of the most beautiful destination weddings.


‘Picking a wedding photographer is one of the most overwhelming parts of planning a wedding. It’s so nerve-racking to hire someone that you’ve met once, to document one of the most important days of your life. There is no do over or re-shoot, and you have to trust this stranger enough to basically make them a member of the wedding party for the day.’

I've been in the creative industry for over 10 years and spent most of it perfecting my style of photography.

I believe in storytelling, creativity, image quality, clarity, and a clean aesthetic. The images should give the viewer a clear story to follow, and nothing does that better than capturing raw candid moments and emotions. Being creative is a huge part of the way I shoot.
I usually take a minimal (True to life) approach to my editing,  presenting the images as real and a clean as possible.

We do both Photography and Videography, spanning various genres.